What is the preferred age gap between the two kids and why?

What is the preferred age gap between the two kids and why?

Some parents have just been through a pregnancy, and their child will be growing up and will have a thought of another pregnancy. All the parents would like to have a thought of giving their kid a companion just like they did. But at the same time, you may be tensed that is it too early or too late to have another child.

All the parents wonder as to what the ideal age gap between the two children should be. Age gaps between the two kids may vary from a year to 5 or more than that.

When to have another child: Here are some of the factors that you should consider before having a second child.

Fertility and age: Fertility and age are inversely proportional to each other. So, while planning for your next baby keep in mind your age and how will you get pregnant as your fertility will decrease as your age increases.

Financial situations: A smaller gap between the two children may have a load on your finances in the present as well as in the future. Having a larger age gap between your children will help maintain the expenses in a better way.

Age gap: The age gap between the two siblings will have their pros and cons. It is better to take this into account while deciding on your second baby.

Short period: Having babies within a short period allows you to get done with the infantile care of both the babies in a very short period and will help you pursue your career and goals after that. But it can be a little taxing both physically and emotionally.

Large period: Having a large age gap between the two children will help you have time for each child and be focused on them. But keep in mind the cost of your career and your social life yet again at stake.

Retirement Age: You may also take into consideration your retirement age, and at that time, the likely age of your younger child. You may have to see if you can manage the expenses of your younger child at the time of your retirement and need to plan accordingly.

Emotional preparation: Of course, you will be planning about the finances and will be rational in thinking about other aspects too. But it is more important for you to know if you want a second child and will you be able to handle everything. Being emotionally ready is extremely necessary than anything else. Handling the second child is different from the first. There is no better choice than a health issue. Choose what’s best for you and take a step forward in expanding your family.

Are you and your partner in agreement: Have a discussion with your partner about having another child? Is your partner ready too, to have another Child? It is extremely important for both of you to be on the same page while planning for another baby. Both of you should be ready to welcome the baby.

What are the milestones coming up for your elder child:

Are you going to be on the job of sending your elder child to preschool or elementary school or expecting any other big life change? Think about how your new baby will make an impact on you as well as your elder child. Will you have time to pay attention to both of your kids together?

What are the milestones coming up for your elder child

Looking at the sibling spacing:

12 to 18 months: The siblings between this age gap will have less rivalry which parents love to have. At this time children are still too young to

have developed a strong sense of identity or jealousy. They usually welcome a playtime with arms wide open.

2 years:  Siblings with this age gap will have a very terrible rivalry. Parents already are suffering from the toddler who is gaining a strong sense of identity and loves to use the word “no”.

3 years:  This greatly reduces the chances of rivalry. By this time the older sibling gets secure of themselves and become quite independent. In addition to this, the mother’s body from the past challenges of pregnancy.

Looking at the sibling spacing

As we can see many factors come into consideration when they are planning to have another child. The best time for you may not be the best time for somebody else, keep in mind the family situations and how things are going on right now, then use these as a guide for planning the next pregnancy.

When to have another child

Fertility and age

Financial situations

Age gap

Short period

Large period

What are the milestones coming up for your elder child

Looking at the sibling spacing

Looking at the sibling spacing

This greatly reduces the chances of rivalry.

Have a discussion with your partner about having another child?


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