What are the social and emotional changes in your adolescent teen?

What are the social and emotional changes in your adolescent teen?

As the child grows physically and has new challenges and environments at school and around friends, various other factors are affected. The hormonal changes also affect the child’s brain leading to shifting in interest and preferences. These, in turn, change their social outlook, leading to a variety of emotional and social changes in their lives. All of them are interlinked. The growing stage of maturation is also one among them.

Social Changes:

Being Independent: This is the first change we always witness in any growing child. They tend to want more independence and space to do things on their own. They wish to have independence over wanting to travel by themselves, choosing their own company, choosing their methods or things to spend time on, etc. This might lead to a variety of changes in your house and your relationship with the child.

Identity: You will find your child doing attempts to discover himself and try new things, songs, places, food, and habits. They might try to change to create an image of themselves because every adult today is living to create an identity superior to others. Your kid might tend to give in a lot to accomplish such an identity.

Taking up responsibilities: As your child is growing, he will be looking forward to taking more responsibility at home and school. He does so as they feel more capable and act in fulfillment of their capacity.

New Experiences in teen

New Experiences:

Your kid would look out for doing new things and tasks to outgrow their limits and abilities and the boundaries that have been set up for them. Although, as they are still growing, they might sometimes feel nervous or think over the amount of risk involved, that’s normal. We all learn from our personal experiences after all.

Changing Influences: Your child may now have different things influencing him like his friends or peers. The thing might bring in a change in his interests, behaviors, appearance, self-esteem and an image of oneself. However, you still have a major influence on the kid’s long-term thinking, like values and career.

Media: The time spend on different media apps and social networking sites would probably increase in a desire to know the surroundings and your child might also get influenced by these.

Emotional Changes:

Mood and Feelings:

You will often experience a mood swing in your child and a change of feelings. There could be intense or deep emotions acting up at some situations that may not be easy to deal with, either for you or your child. It may not be predictable and lead to periodic conflicts. There might be ups and downs as the brain is still processing and learning, how to deal with emotions and sentiments and react maturely.

Mood and Feelings in teen

Having sensitivity to others: As the child grows, he may be able to place himself in other’s shoes and understand their conditions. They will be more respectful and caring but sometimes tend to misread the situation or people.

Physical Consciousness: Kids turn to be more concerned about, how they look and about presenting themselves to the crowd. Looks start to bother them and they happen to compare their physic with their friends and group.

Making choices/decisions: Your child may tend to feel that he has known everything and can choose the right things. But you need to know that they are still growing and help the kid face the consequences of their choices.

They might even tend to be more into arguments and wanting not to be bothered. They would spend comparatively more time with friends over family and happen to have a different view on stuff than they did before.

Know that this will all pass by as maturity and understanding kicks in. There will be a lot of trial and error, until the day of shine. Just hold on till then and give time to everything. Its a part of growing and a part of life. And without changes; it will all be boring. Right?

1. Kids turn to be more socially interactive and at the same time more self-concerned especially physically.
2. They are more sensitive and consider themselves being and doing the right most of the time or all the time.
3. Your child may tend to feel that he has known everything and can choose the right things.

Social Changes

Being Independent


Mood and Feelings

Emotional Changes


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