What are the ill effects of eating junk food during pregnancy?

What are the ill effects of eating junk food during pregnancy?

From pickles to ice creams, from something spicy to something sweet women have crazy food cravings during their pregnancy. Pregnant women are known to eat peculiar food items at peculiar timings.

You’ll find them eating food items, which they never liked before. Well, such cravings occur due to hormonal changes. You are now eating for two and not just one. Junk food is tastier at all times, but pregnant women seem to crave it more.

It’s good to take a break and have some fast food at times but not regularly. You need to take care of yours as well as your baby’s health hence you must follow a healthy diet plan.

Junk foods are not good for your health especially during pregnancy. They tend to have harmful effects not only on your health but on your baby’s development as well.

• Low on nutrients:

Even though they are tasty and tummy-filling, junk food is low on nutrients. You and your baby require a good amount of nutrients for the healthy development of yours as well as your baby’s growth.

A balanced diet filled with nutrients ensures healthy development of your baby’s brain, arms, legs and other organs. Junk food lures you into eating more and more and you seem to not stop.

Obesity during pregnancy

• Obesity:

As mentioned above you tend to get addicted to junk food, which can take a toll on your body. It often leads to obesity. Obesity is known to cause severe health conditions and pregnant women are more sensitive to it.

It causes gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, preterm labour, miscarriage and other birth defects.

• Affect your baby:

Unhealthy fast food or junk food items hinder the growth and development of your baby. They are not only known to cause birth defects but might also change their dietary preferences once they are born. They might be more inclined towards eating junk food than anything else.

• Heart diseases:

Junk food is closely linked to heart diseases. Consuming more of it can put your heart at risk. If you continue with it, you or your child might face heart problems in the later years.

• Gestational diabetes:

Junk foods are high in sugar and fats. This can lead to gestational diabetes, which is common among pregnant women but equally harmful too. Gestational diabetes can cause serious problems during pregnancy and also during delivery. Your baby might be born with excess weight or might be conducive to preterm birth.

• Digestive problems:

Junk food causes digestive problems mainly indigestion. It is low on nutrients and is unhealthy. It causes bloating and gas and tends to interfere with your regular bowel cycle.

Digestive problems during pregnancy

• Allergies and Asthma:

Eating junk food has also been associated with developing allergies and asthma. It increases the risk of getting it.

Junk foods can be very addictive but for the sake of you and your baby’s health, you must put a limit to it. You can’t control your cravings but control your urges to give in. Keep a stock of healthy and nutritional snacks at your home. Prefer eating baked foods to fried foods. It contains less oil and fat.

Snack more on fruits and vegetables, they are highly nutritional and tummy-filling. Try and find as much as healthier alternatives to junk food. Reduce your intake of sugar. Remember these are just healthy steps you are taking to provide your child with a disease-free life.


• Junk foods are not good for your health especially during pregnancy. They tend to have harmful effects not only on your health but on your baby’s development as well.
• They are low on nutrients and cause obesity and other health-related problems, which might cause complications in your pregnancy.
• When hungry switch to healthier alternatives of junk foods instead of giving in to your urges.


Malathi A Ganesh is a B. Com Graduate, NTT, M.A (Lit), PGDEA (PG in Education Administration), PGDCA (PG Diploma in Computer Application), DTE (Diploma in Teaching English), ICEPT (International Certificate in Education Preschool Teaching) from Singapore and B. Ed. She has been in the field of education for the past 20 years and has an experience of running her own pre-school She is the Founder & Director Academics of Smartkidz Educare India Pvt Ltd with 275+ play schools Pan India. She is an Educationist and a Child Psychologists by profession who wants to fulfill her dream of giving Quality Education to children in their earlier years. She is also into conducting positive parenting workshops, which talks about effective child rearing. She has conducted numerous parenting workshops in all her pre schools, schools and MNC’s.

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