What are the home remedies to make the Baby’s skin fair?

What are the home remedies to make the Baby’s skin fair?

All mothers wish that their baby has a clear and fair complexion. Though fair skin is desirable, your baby’s complexion is completely dependent on their genetics. Whether they have a dusky, fair, wheatish or dark skin; all babies are cute and beautiful. Skin tone will not define their personality or their success in life.

There are different ways to lighten your baby’s skin. Since, your baby’s skin is thin and sensitive, especially, during the first six months, you should prefer using home remedies over chemically developed products such as skin lightening creams or soaps.

Home remedies for making your baby’s skin fair:

baby Oil massages

Oil Massages:

Oil massages are the best-proven way to improve complexion. Hot oil massages are great for babies as they make their skin soft and radiant. You can use almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil for massages. Oil massages keep your baby’s skin cells healthy and as a result fairer. They also strengthen your baby’s muscles and facilitate their body’s growth.

De-tan With Tomato: Tomatoes are natural de-tanners and they contain antioxidants which help undo sun damage and give your baby glowing and fairer skin. Simply grate tomato and apply its pulp all over your baby’s body and let it sit for about 15 mins, then wash it off. You can do this before bathing your baby.

Gram Flour Paste: Gram flour is great for getting instant fairness. Prepare an all-natural paste by mixing gram flour, raw milk and turmeric. Apply this paste on your baby’s body and leave it for about 10 mins before removing it with a damp cloth or before bathing your child.

Homemade Baby Scrubs: All the dead skin on your baby’s body might be making them look darker than they are, thereby, exfoliating their skin with a mild scrub can work wonders in improving their skin tone.

 Instead of using chemical scrubs, you can make baby scrubs. Use a mixture of chickpea flour, rosewater and milk to exfoliate your baby’s skin.

This scrub will not only help get rid of dead skin and impurities latching on to the skin, but it will also improve your baby’s blood circulation.

 Moisturize your baby’s skin regularly:

Moisturizer protects your baby’s skin from being dull and dry. Moisturize your baby’s skin for about 2-3 times in a day. Prefer mild and light moisturizers which get absorbed in your baby’s skin easily. Do not go for heavy and cakey moisturizers, as they can cause rashes.

Moisturize your baby’s skin

Improve your baby’s diet: A nutritious and balanced diet is the secret behind clear, fair and healthy skin. Feed your baby raw vegetables in a pureed form and even fruits as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Following a healthy diet helps in undoing and preventing any kind of skin damage.

Use grape juice: Grape juice is rich in vitamin A and C. It improves your baby’s skin tone by getting rid of pigmentation. Since it is rich in potassium, it repairs damaged skin and utilizes blood circulation to give your baby clear and whiter complexion.

Lukewarm baths only: Your baby’s skin is extremely delicate and sensitive. Therefore, exposing their skin to cold or hot water can cause harm to your baby’s skin cells, resulting in darkening of their skin. Lukewarm baths are great for your baby’s skin.

Always check the water temperature by dipping your finger in the water, before putting your baby in the bathtub. Note that washing your baby’s skin every day with soap can make their skin rough as it strips off their natural oils and makes their skin dry.

Hydrate your baby: Dehydration can cause your baby’s skin to look dull and dry because the toxins in their body are not getting flushed out. Make your baby drink water for about six to eight times a day. Drinking ample amount of water is good for skin in general and it helps make your baby’s skin fairer.

These home remedies may lighten your baby’s skin a few tones and the results may not always be permanent. Skin tone is hereditary and it cannot be changed. Don’t worry about your baby’s complexion, focus on taking good care of their skin and their overall health.


1. All parents want their baby to have a clear and fair complexion. Even though fair skin is desirable, the skin tone of your baby depends entirely on its genetics.

2. Since your toddlers’ skin is thin and delicate, particularly during the first six months, it is better to use home remedies than chemically engineered products.

3. Hot oil massages and lukewarm water baths are great ways to ensure your baby has radiant and clear skin.

4. Applying tomato pulp or grape juice or gram flour to your baby’s skin can undo any kind of skin damage and make your baby fairer.

5. Make sure your baby’s diet is balanced and nutritious. This would not only improve their skin tone but will also keep them healthy.

What are the home remedies to make the Baby’s skin fair

Home remedies for making your baby’s skin fair

Oil Massages

De-tan With Tomato

Gram Flour Paste

Homemade Baby Scrubs

Moisturize your baby’s skin regularly

Improve your baby’s diet

Use grape juice

Lukewarm baths only

Hydrate your baby


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