What are the foods that can cause miscarriage?

What are the foods that can cause miscarriage?

Miscarriage is almost every pregnant women’s greatest fear. Losing a child before birth not only is a huge loss but also impacts the mental health of the person. Pregnancy is a very sensitive period where people lead a very cautious lifestyle.

No one wants complications in their body. To prevent miscarriages, many steps can be taken. The famous saying – prevention is better than the cure stands true in this scenario as well. It’s always advisable to take precautions rather than face the consequences.

There are many everyday foods which need to be avoided during pregnancy. Some of them are as follows:

Raw Eggs: Doctors strongly advise against eating raw eggs whether directly or indirectly. This is mainly because they are only partially cooked. Some people enjoy their eggs a little runny which poses a risk.

Food containing raw eggs must be avoided too. Some examples of such food are salads, icings and homemade eggs. Raw or uncooked eggs can lead to a type of food positioning called salmonella.

raw egg

Caffeine: Excess of Caffeine has been associated with the risk of a miscarriage. A study done by the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research has confirmed this statement. According to the findings, women who consumed caffeine (200 mg or more) were twice as likely to suffer from a miscarriage.

Because of the potential harm that it can do to the developing foetus, pregnant women are told to avoid anything which contains caffeine. It can be hard to cut down the caffeine in the beginning, but with the time you will get used to it. Plus, it’s only for the good of your baby.

Undercooked Meat: Just like undercooked eggs, undercooked meat must be avoided as well. Meat consists of certain bacteria which endangers the health of both the baby and the mother. To destroy the bacteria, doctors’ advice women to cook their meat until they hit a certain temperature.

Make sure there are no signs of blood or pinkness before you turn off the stove. Cured meat like pepperoni and salami act as risk factors too. So next time you go to your favourite pizza joint, try not to get tempted into getting a pepperoni pizza. It’s a temporary break only and before you know it, the time will pass, and you’ll be devouring your favourite cheesy goodness again.

alcohol during miscarriage

Alcohol: It’s common knowledge that people avoid alcohol during this critical period in their lives. Doctors’ advice against the consumption of any amount of alcohol.

Some people drink small amounts of alcohol, but it is always better to refrain. Especially because it can harm a developing baby’s brain, resulting in premature birth and also adversely affect the health of the mother.

Fish: There are certain types which need to be avoided. Fish is typically very good for health. The ones you need to avoid are raw shellfish such as oysters and crabs. If you’re a tuna fan, then the good news is that you can still eat it but have to limit your intake as contains mercury. Another type of fish which contains mercury is a shark. Some doctors say that it’s better to limit your intake of oily fish too.


Many bodily changes take place when a woman is pregnant. They’re also more vulnerable to falling sick during this period.  Changes in diet to suit the changes in the body are only natural. Consult your doctor if you’re unsure about your diet or believe that something in your diet is harming you or your baby. He may even suggest a healthy diet plan which not only benefits you but also benefits your baby. Prevention is better than cure, after all.


• A wide range of factors are responsible for a miscarriage, food being one of them. They not only result in a physical loss but also affects the mental health of a person. To avoid such complications, doctors recommend certain changes in a pregnant woman’s diet.
• Doctors’ advice for pregnant women to fully cook food like eggs or meat before consumption. Mayonnaise and salad dressings containing raw eggs must be avoided at all costs. There’s a special emphasis on cooking both meat and eggs properly.
• Substances such as alcohol and caffeine must be eliminated from the diet. Little amounts of caffeine are safe but it increases the risk of a miscarriage.
• It is always best to visit a professional if you believe that your health is at risk. A doctor can make the necessary changes in your diet so both you and your baby can prosper. Healthy development of the foetus is essential to successful delivery and post-pregnancy period.

What are the foods that can cause miscarriage

Raw Eggs


Undercooked Meat




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