What are the common problems you come across during pregnancy?

What are the common problems you come across during pregnancy?

Every lady dreams of giving birth to someone who is half them and half the person they love and when this moment is about to come true, it’s filled with a plethora of emotions. We start planning, changing our lives, and do everything necessary but then we do not concentrate much upon the changes in our bodies. There is nothing dangerous in that and are quite common although it might start to bother at a certain time.

Keeping oneself aware and educated is what could help. Henceforth, here are a few of the common problems you would come across during pregnancy.

Stretch marks: There are no proven methods to get rid of stretch marks as it’s natural and occurs due to changes in the elastic components lying under the surface of the skin. Initially, they are of the color- reddish-brown or purple but fade away a little in a pale tone at the later stages.

You could try applying an ointment prescribed by your specialist immediately when you start noticing them occur instead of trying to get rid of them after birth.  Additionally, have a balanced weight i.e. not more than the recommended weight is another good try.

Indigestion: It is the biggest discomfort during pregnancy. It is a result of the increased weight of the baby leading to more weight on the intestines. You will experience frequent vomitings and would not want to eat. However, to ease this problem you could maintain a diet and eat at smaller and regular intervals. Include light and healthy meals in the plan and keep yourself hydrated.

Vaginal Discharge: It is the first visual sign of pregnancy and is quite a normal thing. However, it could be a problem, when it results in itchiness, burning sensation, and has an unpleasant odour, which would result in vaginal infection or yeast infection?  If you experience it, do not feel embarrassed to talk to your doctor about it and have proper medication. You could also apply some cold compressors to relieve the itchiness and let the area breathe by wearing loose clothes and cotton underpants.


Most women experience a drop in their quantity of sleep during pregnancy. Their sleeping patterns are changed and disturbed to a great extent. You will notice yourself snoring at times too and witness strange and weird dreams.

Your sleep is affected due to the cramps, nausea, aches and other physical stuff. Try a soothing shower before you sleep, but do not let the temperature be too hot as it may affect the baby. Also, set your sleeping hours and try reading a book instead of stalking social media apps.

Insomniac during pregnancy

Urinary Incontinence and Urinary frequency: Many women experience this during pregnancy which could be quite a problem or discomfort but is more of a problem after pregnancy  Your bladder holds a lot of pressure wanting you to pee again and again. Also, the weight on your pelvic muscles results in urine leakage when you cough or laugh. Keep a count on the number of visits to the washroom to pee and the gap between them.

Try to increase the holding capacity of your bladder by distracting yourself from the urge to pee and trying to relax. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscle has to be your goal to avoid further problems and to do this try pelvic floor exercises. Visit your doctor if it continues.

Leg Cramps: Leg/ foot cramps are common during pregnancy and nobody is sure about the reasons behind it. Although there are a few anticipated, it could be caused. It mostly occurs during midnight and could disturb the sleep.

To help the cramps you need to practice exercises for your calf muscles. For immediate relief try stretching your foot facing towards your knee. Use cold compressors as an alternative. If it’s turning to become unbearable visit your doctor as it may be a swollen nerve or some sort of a problem.

Backache during pregnancy


It is most common during the second half of the pregnancy. The increasing weight and change in the center of gravity and the reasons that cause back pain by directing extra stress onto the muscles and nerves.

Make sure you are not involved in a long sitting or standing hours. Take breaks. Keep the posture right. Additionally, for best results and maintaining health, involve in exercises or yoga after speaking to your doctor.

Breast tenderness: Breast changes are the first noticeable sign during pregnancy. You will experience sore nipples, heavy and swollen breast and milking longer before birth. Anything you do, from bathing to changing clothes might lead to leakage and itchiness. The area becomes sensitive and the areolae may darken.

Breathing Problems: Most women go through breathing issues due to a blocked nose or the hormonal changes that affect the lungs. The growing uterus puts extra weight on the diaphragm making it difficult at the later stages. It is experience throughout the period. So make sure you do not put yourself under continuous energy-draining activities. Sit with your back and shoulders straight giving space for the lungs to expand better.

Hypertension: High blood pressure is very common though not dangerous during pregnancy for some women, it is a serious problem for others. The only way to escape this is a calm and balanced state of mind and physic. Be in a pleasant environment, avoid stress, eat healthily and try meditating.

Motherhood is an amazing experience of a woman’s life, but you never got to forget about the little things that are good for you, because your health will always affect your baby. Be careful and planned about the little things and you got to worry about nothing.



Stretch marks


Vaginal Discharge


Most women experience a drop in their quantity of sleep during pregnancy

Urinary Incontinence and Urinary frequency


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