How to take care of yourself, as a new mother in the first 40 days of the childbirth?

How to take care of yourself, as a new mother in the first 40 days of the childbirth?

Becoming a mother is the most joyous feeling in the world. Nothing measures up to the happiness, you get when you cradle your little one in your arms. It fills your heart with love and warmth. It is certainly rewarding and enjoyable but also physically and emotionally demanding.

You’ll question your parenting skills as well. Most importantly you’ll be very exhausted, and you’ll find little to no time to take care of yourself. No matter how stressed or exhausted you are, you need to take good care of yourself or else you won’t be able to provide the same for your baby.

Each day try and spend some time with yourself. It gives your body the much-needed rest. It’s not only important to be physically healthy, but mentally too. It gives you time to relax and you are mentally stable too. Apart from that, it decreases your frustration and irritation levels, due to exhaustion and stress.

You require time to deal with all the new adjustments and changes. You will be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, hence it’s very essential to push back a little and take some rest.

Prioritize yourself

Just remember that you need strength to keep up with your baby. And if it’s something you won’t do to your baby, then why do it to yourself!

• The most important one is to take lots of rest. After your baby is born you’ll notice a drastic change in your daily schedule. You’ll have to compromise a lot on your sleep. A newborn baby has to be changed and fed regularly and they tend to wake up in the middle of the night. And you and your partner will have to keep up with all of that. Don’t get overwhelmed by the sudden exhaustion.

• It’s normal in the first few months and it’ll take time to adapt to this new change but you’ll eventually. But you need to make sure that you don’t overwork or exhaust yourself too much. Sleep as much as possible when your baby is asleep.

• You can hire a nanny to help you out with everything. Or else you and your partner can come up with a system when one takes care of the baby, the other one can rest. It’s important that you both partner up and take care of your baby.

• With an adequate amount of rest and sleep, you need a healthy balanced diet too. Your body undergoes a lot of changes post-pregnancy and it’s essential that you eat nutritious food. You need to stay healthy and active to take care of your baby. Breastfeeding mothers have to take extra care of what they are eating.

• You can also consult your doctor or a nutritionist to draw you a proper diet chart. You need to stay hydrated throughout the day, so keep a pitcher nearby and drink lots of water. Include fresh vegetables and fruits and balance it with proteins and carbohydrates.

• You might have added some weight post-pregnancy. Don’t engage yourself in rigorous dieting to reduce it. It’ll wear off eventually. Excessive dieting might take a toll on your health and you need all your strength to stay active. But you can try some light exercise without straining yourself.
You can also sit in a quiet place and meditate to stay at peace.

baby afther birth

• Take a walk outside in nearby parks. Get a whiff of the fresh air once a while. Try and get out of the house more. It’ll freshen up your mind and bring a change in your monotonous life. It’ll calm your senses.

• You might get frustrated often due to the amount of pressure and lack of rest. And it’s okay to express your negative emotions; it helps in releasing negativity and brings a surge of optimism in you. Try and focus on the good parts and it will pave the way for positivity.

• You can talk to other parents and seek their help in coming up with this new situation. Due to their prior experience, you’ll get an idea to do things differently.

• Don’t sit in agony. Pamper yourself. Take long showers or warm baths and dress properly. You might visit the salon too and get a spa. Make yourself your priority.

mother sickness

• Don’t hesitate in asking help, if you are too tired. You can always ask your friends or family members to come and help you for a little time, while you take a break from all of this.

• It’s not necessary that things will go as per your plans or expectations, Give yourself a break, as a new parent, you are entitled to make some mistakes. Don’t think of yourself as bad parents instead learn from it.

Remember, you can take care of yourself only, when you make it a priority. Take care of yourself and be happy. That way you’ll stay healthy and active and will be able to pay better attention to your baby. It’ll also secure an attachment with your baby.

How to take care of yourself, as a new mother in the first 40 days of the childbirth?

Prioritize yourself

Take a walk outside in nearby parks

Parenting skills


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