Is it normal for teen girls to have irregular periods?

Is it normal for teen girls to have irregular periods?

A lot of people believe that periods are a monthly thing and occur on the same dates every month. But it may not be true in some cases. Even the number of days, the bleeding goes on may be different and not the same for every girl.

As a parent, it might be a concern and you might worry if it is some sort of medical complication. Although, that’s not the case every time. Continue reading ahead to know of irregular periods are normal and what could be the possible causes.

Beginning of Mensuration: The mensuration cycle first starts between the age of 10 to 15 years for most of the girls. It is normal if it starts earlier or a little later. The first period could be a little draining. You may experience back pain, fever, cough and a few more conditions. Your teen might have periods once in two months or for 2 days or the gap between two periods could not be the same and possibly some other issue for the first year of mensuration.

Regular Periods: To understand what irregular periods are, we need to understand what regular periods mean. Regular periods could be described with the help of the menstrual cycle. It means the start of the period is one month and the start of the period for the next month is the same. That means the gap between the two is equal. Girls have their periods after every 24days or 28days or even 34 days for a few. Some girls have different cycle length each month and this could happen for the first few years after her periods have begun.

Ovaries release eggs that have been nested in a thick lining preparing the girl for pregnancy. When these eggs travel in search of sperm and do not find it, it doesn’t get fertilized and starts to fall apart / break which leads to bleeding during which the lining and the egg leave the girls body and the entire cycle known as periods or menstrual cycle. And the first day of her periods is called on Day 1 of the cycle.

Irregular Periods

Irregular Periods :

Simply when the routine of regular periods gets disturbed, it is termed as irregular periods. Here there might be chances that the girl misses her periods for 4-5 months straight. The days it goes on for might be different every month and the amount of bleeding is, because of the hormonal changes.

Symptoms of having a period:

• Vaginal ejection or discharge could be one of the symptoms that you are going to have your periods. It could be pale white in color and thick.
• Back cramps or Backache
• Slight abdominal pain
• Loose stools
• Bloating of the tummy
• Headache
• Acne
• Mood swings or feeling low.

Causes of Irregular Periods: There are several reasons why your periods are delayed. Not all the causes lead to serious conditions or/and aren’t signs of any pregnancy. It is normal and may vary from person to person. Let’s take a look at it.

1. Changes that your body is undergoing during the teenage period may be a reason why your periods have not shown up. Your body will sooner get adjusted and have its pattern.

2. The medication you might have been consuming might be a cause for the irregularity of your periods. The medicines normally affect the hormones which in turn affect your period date.

3. Exercising too much could also be one of the reasons along with your body weight being lower than what is meant to be or higher than that. All these contribute to irregular periods and there is nothing to worry about here.

4. What you eat also affects your periods to a certain extent. When you do not consume enough calories, it contributes to your periods being disturbed.

Irregular Periods

5. If you have been suffering from thyroid, your hormonal level might be too low or too high which again leads to affecting the menstrual cycle.

6. Stress and illness could sometimes be a cause too. Your body could so focus on a certain issue, it happens to ignore a few bodily functions and its often your period.

When to worry:

1. If you have been through unprotected sex and have missed your period, then that certainly could be a concern.
2. If you’ve had regular periods all the time and have suddenly become irregular.
3. If there is bleeding between your menstrual cycle.
4. If you have been on periods every 45 days then you need to go visit your doctor and get checked.
5. If the cramps and pain are unbearable, while you are on your periods.
6. If might be a worry if your periods are irregular for more than 3 years consecutively.

However, you need to always learn to note the dates and symptoms of your period. Make it a practice. Concentrate on your body and be healthy. Do not stress unnecessarily as it may be of no help. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor and have a positive mind-set.

Beginning of Mensuration

Regular Periods

Irregular Periods

Slight abdominal pain

Bloating of the tummy


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