How should I take care of my Toddler’s teeth?

How should I take care of my Toddler’s teeth?

Taking care of your toddler’s teeth, in the beginning, is very important as it ensures your child’s oral hygiene for the future. Dental care of your child keeps his teeth healthy and helps him chew his food properly. It also helps him speak clearly.

Dental care does not refer to taking care of teeth alone; it also refers to taking care of gums, thus maintaining oral hygiene. Proper dental care leads to good dental habits, as they grow up and poor dental care leads to mouth infections, tooth decay, and other diseases. Infants have their teeth hidden and it takes time for it to grow. But you can maintain your baby’s oral hygiene by running a soft cloth across their gums twice a day.


Getting your child to do anything, at such an early age is very difficult, especially putting something in their mouth might be scary. However, it is very important to brush your toddler’s teeth twice a day. You can do it as soon as he wakes up before breakfast, but brushing his teeth before bedtime is a must.

It is recommended that while your toddler is asleep, it is the perfect time for the bacteria to settle on your child’s teeth and grow undisturbed. Hence it is very necessary to brush his teeth before bedtime to cleanse and get rid of all the sugar or tiny bits and pieces of food items left in his mouth. It keeps your toddler’s mouth fresh. Brushing keeps the bacteria away and prevents tooth decay and other oral diseases. It also helps your child to speak, eat and chew his food properly. It gives your child the perfect smile!

Brushing your baby’s teeth:

Brushing can seem scary for your baby in the beginning, but you can help him out by making it fun. Make sure you use a brush with soft bristles, with a small head and large handle to make it easier to hold. Don’t start with toothpaste at such an early age, wet the toothbrush and brush your toddler’s teeth.

Make him sit in a comfortable position in your lap or make him stand on a step stool and start by brushing the inside and then the outside of the teeth. Angle the toothbrush bristle towards the gums and gently brush his tongue too. Go back and forth for two minutes and rinse his mouth thoroughly.

As your child reaches 18 months of his age you can use pea-sized fluoride toothpaste, but not more than that. Ensure he doesn’t swallow the toothpaste and rinses properly. After brushing, clean the toothbrush and keep it in an upright position for it to dry.

Make it Fun:

It is very important that you set up a proper routine for brushing; it will help in inculcating good dental habits. You can engage your child by making it a fun and interesting activity.

Imitate: Let them imitate you, while you are brushing. Make your toddler sit or stand in front of a mirror and act how fun brushing is. Watching you, he might want to try it too, as at their age they try and imitate everyone. He might imitate you and also learn how to brush by himself.

toddler brushing teeth

Know when to stop: Take your baby’s cues and stop, when he starts getting cranky. You need to get her used to the idea of brushing and prolonging it unnecessarily, won’t help.

• You can sing to them while brushing to make it fun. You can wave different types of toys in front of them and keep them distracted, till they finish brushing.

• Make sure to read books about the importance of brushing and oral hygiene. You can use her favorite toys and enact a play. Use fun measures to give out a valuable lesson. This will help her form a routine and brush her teeth and she’ll learn good habits as well.

toddlers brushing teeth

Routine: It is very important that you make brushing part of her routine. It helps her get used to it. You can do it when she is active and alert. Don’t make her brush, while she is tired or cranky.

• Let her brush on her own and take control of it. She’ll feel confident and responsible. Let her choose her own brush too. Make her in charge of everything and it will make wonders.

• Dental care and maintenance of oral hygiene are very important as it helps your child grow, develop and stay healthy. At the age of 1 visit the dentist’s and get clarity about dental care for future purposes.

How to take care of the toddler’s teeth?

Taking care of your toddler’s teeth

Brushing your baby’s teeth

Make it Fun

Know when to stop

It is very important that you make brushing part of her routine


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