How to prepare yourself and your home when you bring your newborn?

How to prepare yourself and your home when you bring your newborn?

The most awaited day of your life is approaching soon. You’ll soon be united with your little one. You are going to be a new parent. It might be scary and joyful as you enter this new and amazing part of your life.

Being a parent does not come with a guide! But don’t worry. You might be scared about handling or taking care of your baby as you see them as little fragile beings. But there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll do fine. With time and experience, you’ll learn something new now and then.

For the arrival of your baby, it is better if you keep everything ready in advance. Once your baby has arrived you’ll have little to no time to take care of things. Besides, it’s better to be prepared and equipped with the necessary items, than to scrounge for it at the last minute. It makes your baby feel welcomed.

Prepping Yourself

You can start by preparing yourself mentally. As the day comes close you might ask yourself questions like, “Am I ready for this?” Or “What if I hurt my baby?” It is normal to be afraid. You can sign up for classes, where they teach you to hold or bathe your baby among other activities.

Talk to your partner and draw up a schedule of performing different chores to ease it. You can also consult other moms or your family members and friends for tips. Talking to them helps in lowering your anxiety down. Find a pediatrician for your baby beforehand, you can consult other moms to choose the best.

Walkthrough the whole process of giving birth and be ready for anything that pops. It is essential that you pack up a bag beforehand for the hospital. Don’t keep anything for the last minute. You won’t have much time to think about all of it.

Keep your family friends and neighbor informed in case you might need their help at the last minute. The most important point to remember here is to take lots of rest and relax and wait for your baby’s arrival.

You need to also have a good Pediatrician so that you can consult him for regular checks.

Preparing your home:

The next step is to make your home child-friendly. Keeping everything arranged and ready before your baby’s arrival is helpful, as you won’t find time to do it, once your baby arrives. It helps you locate items as per your requirement.

Pregnant young woman. packing bag

• Your house might be potentially dangerous for your little one too. He might open up kitchen cabinets or drawers or fall and hurt himself. Hence conduct a safety test and baby-proof your whole house before your child’s arrival. Install smoke detectors as well, if you don’t already have them. Smooth the corners and edges of your furniture.

• Keep a batch of food cooked or pre-cooked in the refrigerator (for people abroad) After your baby’s arrival, you’ll be too busy focusing on your little one. You’ll be exhausted and drained. It is better to store cooked food or frozen meals for your convenience.

• Buy the best crib or bassinet for your baby to comfortably sleep in. You can put it in your room to check on your baby, during the night.

•If you are placing your baby in a separate room then make sure it is neither too hot nor cold but has a moderate temperature. You can decorate her room and place some toys for their amusement as well.

• Be ready with a stock of diapers, nappies, baby clothes and moisturizers and other requirements of your baby. Keep them within your reach and your sight so that you don’t waste your time searching for the same.

• Your baby’s clothes are delicate and sensitive to his skin. Make sure you use a mild detergent while washing them to avoid any infections or body rash.

• Before your baby’s arrival, you can read books or consult other moms to get a basic idea about the new change that’s about to happen.

• You might want to buy a good, dependable baby monitor as well to know the whereabouts of your baby when you are not with him.

• If you think that you might not be able to handle everything alone then take help from your partner. Prepare a schedule beforehand and follow it. In this way, both of you get to spend quality time with your baby and get some rest as well. You can hire a helper to help you with the daily chores too.

welcoming baby

As the days of your little ones’ arrival come close, you are filled with a mixture of emotions. You experience joy, excitement, fear, and anxiety! But don’t get overwhelmed with this sudden surge of emotions.

Read a book or talk to your family and friends and try to relax and wait for your baby’s arrival. You’ll feel nothing but euphoria when you hold your little one for the first time.

How to prepare yourself and your home when you bring your newborn?

Prepping Yourself

Preparing your home

baby’s clothes are delicate and sensitive to his skin

Be ready with a stock of diapers, nappies, baby clothes and moisturizers and other requirements of your baby


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