How to manage breastfeeding and office work?

How to manage breastfeeding and office work?

Taking care of a baby is not all easy. There is a shift in your schedules and routines and you have to adapt to these adjustments and changes. The first few months are quite stressful and hectic. And if your maternity leave is reaching towards its end, you have another addition to your huge pile of chores and it is work.

We all know how important breast milk is for your baby. It provides the required nutrients and protects him from infections and diseases. With the tension revolving around your head about your baby, you also start to wonder how to manage to breastfeed and work? A lot of moms feel that they might have to stop breastfeeding but that isn’t the case.

Since the arrival of your baby in this world, you have undergone a lot of changes and adjusted to a completely new schedule, you can do this too! You have to plan everything before the end of your maternity leave to help you with your transition. It might be tough for you initially, but with time things will turn out to be smooth.

To help you with this transition you can follow some tips:

Preparing well before: It is very essential to have a proper plan before and prepare your child accordingly in advance. 1 month before joining work, give a glimpse of the post-working routine to your baby, so that he gets acquainted with this new change. Start breast pumping to get familiar with it and use different ways to increase your milk supply. It will take some time, but it will be successful, your body needs the time to adjust.

Childcare arrangements: Start looking for alternate childcare arrangements for your baby. You can hire a nanny to take care of your baby. Hire her for a month before your joining to monitor her working ways. In your absence, she’ll be taking care of your child, hence be thorough in selecting the best. Starting early also helps your baby to bond with her. She’ll be seeing less of you and more of her, hence it’s necessary that your baby establishes a bond with her.

• You can also look into daycare options for your child, preferably near your workplace. Make sure that the place is hygienic and stores milk bottles properly. You can also visit the daycare, in the beginning, the end of the day and also during lunch breaks.

• Start bottle-feeding your child earlier to familiarize herself with the texture of a bottle. It’s essential that she is comfortable with the bottle.

• Talk to your employer in advance and inform the company about your situation and requirements. Usually, most of the offices have a nursing room, but if they don’t, then put in a request to make the requirements before you join work. It is important that your company is aware of your new situation. It helps them be flexible with you, for the first few months to help you out. It is very essential for you to have a quiet and private area to breast pump in your work environment.

breastfeeding pump

• Start breast pumping early to make yourself comfortable with it. Try and increase your milk supply using various ways and you can pump, when the milk supply is the most. Make sure the storage area for the milk is properly sanitized. After breast pumping, you can store the milk in the refrigerator or the freezer and it will stay fresh till 4-5 days.

• Use a good strong pump and wear nursing clothes for your ease.

• You can always take the help of your family and friends to help you out when you are stressed. They can go and check up on your baby. They’ll be more than happy to help you out.

• Leave the guilt trip at home: You chose to work and you can balance both of them. So don’t feel guilty for not being able to spend more time with your baby. You can always connect to her during weekends and when you come back home from work. You evaluated all the spheres, benefits and drawbacks and made the right decision, hence it is very important to trust your instincts.

• Stop worrying. It is natural that initially you might worry and fret a lot. Whether the caregiver is treating your baby right? Did she feed her? Is she crying? But you need to trust your caregiver because you have chosen them after evaluating everything. Besides you are just a call away, you can just call up and check on them

It might be difficult and a completely new venture for you initially, but try to relax and don’t overstress yourself. With work comes the stress and it might take a toll on your health if you don’t take adequate rest.

managing breastfeeding in office

How to manage breastfeeding and office work?

Taking care of a baby is not all easy

Preparing well before

Childcare arrangements

Breast pumping



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