How to make your baby calm when crying?

How to make your baby calm when crying?

Crying is a primary way for your baby to communicate and it is the best way for them, to get your attention quickly. Even if you are fast asleep, hearing your baby cry will alert you. Initially, it is difficult for a new parent to understand, why their baby is crying. However, with time parents observe and learn to differentiate between their cries. As the baby gets older than 3 months, the crying reduces, and babies start communicating with gestures.

Few of the common reasons why babies cry is given below:
• Hunger is the most common reason among babies to cry especially newborn.
• Sometimes a baby may become flushed and frustrated.
• Their diaper needs to be changed.
• They are feeling too cold or too hot.
• Sometimes it may be associated with tummy problems or teething.
• Babies also cry as they may need a lot of cuddling, physical contact and reassurance to comfort her.
• They are not feeling well.
• They have an allergy.
• They want to be put to sleep. As babies may also find it hard to get enough sleep if they are over-tired.
• They are irritated by too much noise or bright lights.

Sometimes it is easy to console a crying baby, for instance, a diaper change or feeding them can calm them down. However, sometimes a baby can be inconsolable. Newborn babies cry or fuss for about 2-3 hours in a day. If you respond to your crying baby quickly, their overall crying will lessen.

Some tips to calm your crying baby:

Hold your Baby: It is best to hold your baby when he is crying. This will indicate to them that they are safe and cared for. While you are holding him, gently rub his back. This will help them calm down and relax their bodies. You can also swing them back and forth slowly while holding them firmly in your arms.

Swaddle your crying baby: Babies feel safe when you swaddle them just like when they were in your womb Swaddling means wrapping them in a thin blanket. Make sure the swaddle is tight enough.

Give your baby a binkie to suck on: Sometimes sucking helps babies to calm down, even when they are not feeding. A binkie or a pacifier can be given to the baby to suck on. Ensure its cleanliness

how to swaddling your baby

Hold Your Baby and Walk: The rhythm of your steps will remind them of the slight movement, they experience in the womb and soothe them.

Take Your Baby Outdoors: It is calming to be out and to get some fresh air in general. A change of surroundings will help when you are trying to calm your baby.

Check Your Baby’s Diaper: A wet diaper or a diaper rash might be the cause of your baby’s incessant crying. Make sure you change their diapers from time to time and check for Diaper rash.

Distract Your baby by giving toys

Distract Your baby: The easiest way to stop your baby from crying is to distract them with something surprising. For instance, you can use new toys, sing a song to them or play a soothing song.

Give the baby a pacifier: if nothing works then pacifier can be offered as babies find the sucking action soothing and always find comfort by putting their fingers in their mouth.

Give a massage: massaging is a calming ritual which can be used to soothe a crying baby.

Keep calm: sometimes overstimulation causes a baby to become cranky since everything is new to them, so creating a soothing environment around them can help them from stop crying.

Make Sure your baby is not hungry: Babies need to be fed in every few hours. Make sure you feed them on time. Hunger is the main reason why babies cry.

Burp your Baby: Sometimes after you feed your baby, they tend to swallow some air which makes it difficult for the baby to breath. Burping is a must after every feed. Bottle fed babies need to be burped more than breastfed babies.

Change the lighting: Bright lights are in sharp contrast to the dim environment; your newborn is used to after staying in your womb for 9 months. Simply turning off the lights or keeping the lighting dim can calm your baby instantly.

Bathe your Baby: A warm bath will help your baby relax. Make sure the water is not too warm as it can add to their crying.

Go for a Drive with Your Baby: Just drive around your block, this would provide your baby an environment change, and the movement of the car is perfect, to soothe your baby.

Even after trying out all these tips, if your baby continues to cry, then you should consult a doctor or a pediatrician. Your baby must have an allergic reaction to baby food or due to any food item you are feeding them. Check if your baby has symptoms like loose motions or vomiting, as they indicate that your baby is unwell.





Few of the common reasons why babies cry is given below

Some tips to calm your crying baby

Swaddle your crying baby

Go for a Drive with Your Baby

Babies need to be fed in every few hours.

A warm bath will help your baby relax


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