How to keep your foetus hydrated with natural drinks during pregnancy?

How to keep your foetus hydrated with natural drinks during pregnancy?

The journey of pregnancy is not less than a roller coaster ride. Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, the woman is always concerned about the diet that should be consumed by her, to deliver a healthy baby.

A lot of health drinks have been marketed for supplementing pregnant women with the necessary nutrients. If you have already experienced pregnancy before, you are bound to pay more attention to your diet.

Although there are many numbers of health drinks in the market, know more about the natural health drinks pregnant women can drink during pregnancy, to ensure that you and your baby get the best nutrients.



Tender coconut water so far is the most nourishing and the most refreshing drink and natural drink that is available directly for consumption. It is a drink liked by everyone with the excellent sweet and salt balance.

The essential mineral salts that are present in tender coconut such as potassium, calcium, sodium are necessary for the growth and development of the baby.


Apart from this tender coconut also has an abundance of vitamins B and C. Many women during this time suffer from heartburn, constipation, and acidity. Tender coconut is a solution to all such problems.

Fresh fruit juices: Fruit juice that is prepared freshly carries all the nutrients of the fruit and provide the required nutrients to the pregnant women. The expecting mother can consume the best of all the seasonal fruits. Almost all the fruits provide an excess amount of vitamins and minerals, which is essential for a growing baby.

Buttermilk: Buttermilk or lassi are necessary to beat the heat. Many variations of taste can be found by adding salt, sugar or any kind of Indian spices and can be consumed during the day to get back the lost fluids and salts, especially in summer.

Milk: This is one of the primary sources of calcium during pregnancy. Consumption of milk regularly is a must to ensure that the baby gets enough calcium for teeth and bone development. If the taste and smell of the milk are not liked, then you can add some fruit flavour or health drinks to elevate this problem.

Soup: Vegetables are a must during pregnancy. To increase consumption, soups made from vegetables can be taken regularly. Soups carry all the nutritional values of the vegetables; it also serves as a good appetizer for those who suffer from the aversion of food during that period.

Smoothies: Smoothies of fruits and vegetables can be consumed as an alternative to breakfast during pregnancy. All those who suffer from morning sickness have a hard time-consuming breakfast. As a solution to this problem, smoothies can be made from all the seasonal fruits and vegetables. It will provide a healthy start to the morning.

Tea: Herb-infused tea is better to consume during pregnancy. Herbal tea gives a very calm and relaxing effect on the body. Herbal teas are widely available in the market with herbs such as ginger, lemongrass, mint, tulsi, chamomile, etc.

Lemon water: Lemon water can be consumed as it is or it can be consumed with a teaspoon of honey. It is better to consume this early in the morning as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach. Citrus fruit contains vitamin C which helps indigestion. It helps in healing nausea, morning sickness and bloating which is related to pregnancy. It will immediately energize the body and can be consumed by adding a pinch of salt and sugar which will bring the electrolyte balance in the body.

Vegetable juice: Vegetables also can be blended or separately just like fruit juice. The solution can be consumed by adding sweetness to it or can be diluted. It is for a great source of fiber, proteins, and minerals. Vegetables such as carrot, beetroot, spinach, cucumber can be used for making vegetable juice, and these juices can replace the intake of vegetables for the day.

women drinking water


Last but not least “water”. There are numerable benefits for pregnant women by consuming water. It will not only avoid dehydration but also maintains the hormonal balance, reduces mood swings and gushes out the toxins from the body.

Consumption of all these drinks while pregnant, will give a great value to the diet.


Natural drinks that keep the woman and the baby hydrated during pregnancy:

Coconut water, fresh fruit juices, milk, vegetable soups, smoothies, buttermilk, herbal tea,

Lemon water vegetable juices, and water


Fresh fruit juices



Vegetables are a must during pregnancy

Lemon water can be consumed as it is or it can be consumed with a teaspoon of honey


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