How to keep your baby clean all through the day after a bath?

How to keep your baby clean all through the day after a bath?

We all know how important cleanliness is in our lives! And it goes the same for babies as well. It is much more important to keep them clean because their immune system hasn’t been fully developed.

They are vulnerable to germs and viruses. Babies at this age can’t take care of themselves, therefore it’s the duty of a parent or caregiver to ensure that their baby has a proper bath and also remains clean throughout the day.


Bathing your baby three to four times a week is more than enough. They needn’t be bathed every day. And especially till their umbilical stump falls off, it is advised to give them a sponge bath, as it needs to be kept as dry as possible.

Wiping your baby between feeds and cleaning their diaper area regularly, is also a sign of good hygiene and results in the cleanliness of your baby. Besides, it helps in maintaining good hygiene, so it doesn’t require you to bathe your baby every day.

Keeping your baby clean helps her combat different diseases and infections. It helps her prevent rash, itchiness and skin irritation in her diaper area. As you’ll be bathing your baby only thrice a week, ensure you clean her thoroughly without applying much pressure, but gently.

Keep her surroundings clean:

Apart from ensuring your baby’s cleanliness, it is very necessary to ensure that her surroundings are clean as well. If her surroundings and the objects she comes in contact with are clean, then she won’t get dirty regularly. As kids have a habit of putting any object they come in contact with, in their mouth, it also helps them to prevent infections and diseases.

There are various ways by which, you can ensure that her surroundings, as well as the objects she comes in contact with, are clean:

• When your baby starts crawling, she’ll be in contact with the floor. So try and use products, that have very few chemical ingredients to clean the floor. It’ll keep your baby away from harmful chemicals.

• Try and use anti-bacterial products that are not harmful to the baby, while bathing her or cleaning her. You can also use anti-bacterial products, which are mild in nature to wash your baby’s clothes.

• If you are bottle-feeding her, don’t keep only one bottle, but keep 5-6 bottles in stock. And sterilize the bottles, before feeding your baby.

• The most important one being remain clean yourself as you might transfer something on to her.

How to keep them clean throughout the day:

After a good bath, your baby is all decked up and refreshed. You don’t want to change that. But it’s very obvious that babies tend to make a mess. Keeping them clean throughout the day is a tough job, but you certainly can try. Some of the ways are:

• Changing her diaper or nappy frequently. Changing your baby’s diaper as soon as possible after she poops or pees is better, as she won’t be sitting in her own filth and it won’t turn into a greater mess. It also prevents diaper rash and skin irritations.

baby needs

• To retain moisture in your baby’s skin and to clear dust and dirt, you can use mild water wipes periodically throughout the day. It cleans spit, sweat and oil from your baby’s skin and your baby feels fresh.

• A diaper or a nappy cannot ensure that it won’t leak, especially during the night. Hence it is recommended to use waterproof sheets and pillowcases. You won’t have to change sheets regularly.

• While feeding them make sure to tie a soft cloth around their necks. Sometimes babies tend to spurt, spit or vomit and the cloth prevents it from getting spread all over their clothes. It is advised to do the same while burping your baby too. You can also keep a small towel on your shoulder while rocking her to sleep to prevent the drool dripping on your clothes.

• You can give periodically regular sponge baths. It requires less water and ensures your baby is clean and fresh throughout the day.

• Keep her clothes clean as well, especially if they get dirty after a feed or her bowel movements. Don’t wait too long to clean it.

baby bathing

• You needn’t give her a bath every day but you can clean her eyes, ears, and nose gently. Keep her nails clean and trim them regularly to prevent dirt to gather under your baby’s nails

• Most essentially keep yourself clean while handling your baby as you may transfer anything to her. Whoever handles the baby, make sure that they are clean as well.

• Keeping your baby clean is a sign of good hygiene and good health. It’s a tough job but with patience, you can surely do it!

How to keep your baby clean all through the day after a bath?

Bathing your baby three to four times a week is more than enough

Keep her surroundings clean

How to keep them clean throughout the day

The baby clean is a sign of good hygiene and good health.


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