How to introduce music to your new born?

How to introduce music to your new born?

Do you really enjoy music? Listening to a soothing melody helps you being stress- free. And now that you are planning to introduce music to your baby early in life, you need to know how sleep music can work wonders on a baby. Also, you can understand how to set him on his musical journey?


Listening to music helps the baby grow. The child starts listening and responding to the sounds even before the birth when he is in the mother’s womb. Hearing is well developed several months before they are born. In the womb, babies might be able to hear things on the outside, especially music and lullabies are one of the first forms of music that we introduce to the baby.

Some people even think that exposing babies to music at an early age and even before birth makes them smarter.

Will music be beneficial to your baby:

When you have experienced the calming benefits of good music. The soothing melody of the music has the same effect on the baby too. Music has a positive impact on the brain development of the child. It also helps him to understand the rhythms and the pitch, though he is not able to express.

baby playing music


Exposing the baby to music at an early age can have a positive impact on a baby’s overall development. Here are a few tips about how to introduce music to the newborn

1. By making music a bedtime routine:

• It will help the baby establish a bedtime routine. Listening to music during sleep, the baby will always look forward too and enjoy. This will help the baby to sleep peacefully and relaxed without any distractions.

• Along with daily routine arrangements for bedtime like massage, keep playing slow and soft music in the background as well to have a nice sleep, since babies grow during the night time, compared to the day.

2. Being around while the music plays:

• The baby might feel so relaxed when the music plays, but don’t leave him alone as he may get up at any moment once the music stops.

• Stay along with the little one and slowly switch off the music, when you feel that the baby is in deep sleep.

3. Sing a nice lullaby and sing aloud:

• Try singing any nursery rhyme or a lullaby or a catchy jingle song for the baby, so that he might imitate doing the same.

• Also, this will help the baby to recognize the mother’s voice very easily and will love the amazing music of the mother at all points of time.

mother encouraging music to baby

4. Encouraging the baby to make music:

• Once the little one starts growing to try to introduce him to some musical toys so that he will try making sounds using those toys.

• Also, we can include him in the kitchen along with our daily chores, by giving him some utensils and plates, so that he will try making some sounds with those by moving here and there with his tiny hands.

5. Let him sing by humming:

• Encourage the little one to sing in his way, since listening to the soothing lullaby itself makes the little one fall off to sleep in a calm mood, this shows that music does have a healing touch even on the little ones.

• Play the music which is good and soothing irrespective of the language:
The music you enjoy will also help the child develops a love for music. The baby’s reaction to music will help you realize whether he is enjoying the music or not. The reactions could be shaking his legs and hands, a smile on the face, being cranky when music is stopped, etc.

Let your baby enjoy and explore the world of music.

How to introduce music to your new born?

Will music be beneficial to your baby


By making music a bedtime routine

Being around while the music plays

Sing a nice lullaby and sing aloud

Encouraging the baby to make music

Let him sing by humming


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