How much formula milk should be given week by week(0 to 3 months)?

How much formula milk should be given week by week(0 to 3 months)?

Formula milk is a substitute for breast milk intended to feed infants. It’s usually in powdered form mixed with water or any liquid form. Besides breast milk, formula milk is the only nutritional substitute acceptable for feeding infants. There are many reasons why a mother would choose formula milk over breast milk. Some women suffer from weakness or illness which prohibits them from breastfeeding.

For some women, it can be highly stressful too. Even though it is believed that “breastfed is best” some activists support “Fed is best”. They believe it is less stressful, more convenient and a perfect nutritional substitute for breast milk.

Make sure that you have all the equipment required for formula milk. This includes lots of feeding bottles, Formula powder, and a good sterilizing system. Preparing formula milk is easy. Just go according to the manufacturer’s instructions or as advised by the doctor and make sure that the measurements are accurate.



Before feeding your baby check the temperature of the milk and make sure that it’s not too hot and only then feed your baby. The water should be Lukewarm. You may drop it on your hand and feel the temperature is right for the child to feed.

Each baby‘s intake is different and babies shouldn’t be force-fed. Generally, formula milk is given to babies as per their body weight. On average a baby should consume about 2.5 ounces of formula milk for every pound of their body weight. But he will consume it according to his needs.

It not only depends on their weight but their age too. As they grow older they require more nutrition and calories and they eat more. Babies shouldn’t be force-fed, but they should be fed when they show signs of hunger. One sign of hunger is he cries.  It is also important to slow down when the baby has had enough.


Usually, during the first month, most of the babies are satisfied with 2-3 ounces (60-90ml) of formula milk, provided they are fed every 3-4 hours and it gradually increases, additionally by 1 ounce. From the second month, it is advisable to give 4 ounces with 6-7 feedings every 24 hours. For the next two months, babies can be given formula milk anywhere from 4- 6 ounces with an average of 6 feedings every 24 hours.

Initially, it is advisable to give formula milk to your baby, only if he demands it or cries. Some babies just like to suck and can be given a pacifier. As they grow up, the quantity of intake increases and the number of feedings decrease.  Once the baby reaches 6 months their intake increases to (180–240 ml) 6 – 8 ounces and their feedings decrease to 5 feedings per 24 hours. By the time they complete 1 year they consume 8 ounces of formula with 2-3 feedings every 24 hours along with baby food.


In case they are getting lesser formulas than required, you’ll witness a slow weight gain in your babies and less urine discharge. They’ll seem unsatisfied and will cry more frequently and also your baby might have a dull appearance. If they are being over-fed, they’ll spit or vomit immediately. They might also have abdominal pain and will cry more often and they might gain weight at a faster pace than the usual weight gain.

When they get the right amount of formula milk, they gain weight steadily and are usually relaxed and satisfied and not cranky or fussy. You are advised always to consult your pediatrician, if you observe any abnormal changes.

Once they start with their solid food intake, the number of feedings of formula will reduce but will continue up to 1 year old. After a year, formula intake decreases and is supplemented with baby food or solid food.

Your baby’s appetite changes from day to day and it is upon you to understand the cues and feed her accordingly. Make sure not to under-feed or over-feed. The right amount of feeding will help your baby grow and be healthy and stable. Even though bottle feeding might not be the same as breastfeeding, but still bottle-fed is surely the best alternative to breast-fed.

Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding is a mother’s choice and she should be allowed to make this choice without anyone being judged or shamed. All that matters is that your baby is getting the right amount of nutrients and is healthy.

formula milk

How much formula milk should be given week by week(0 to 3 months)?

Formula milk is a substitute for breast milk



Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding

Before feeding your baby check the temperature of the mi


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