How do you make your baby burp and why?

An important part of a baby’s feeding is burping. When your baby is fed, some of the gas can get trapped in her stomach. This trapped air makes them uncomfortable and fussy and it is necessary to get rid of that air. And here’s where burping comes in. Burping helps to free up your baby’s stomach from the trapped air and prevents the baby from being cranky.

Burping is also essential for babies who spit up quite often. Burping also differs from baby to baby. While some babies need to be burped a lot some don’t need it as much. But all the babies have to be burped at some point, it is vital for their own comfort. Both Breast-fed and bottle-fed babies need to be burped. In general, bottle-fed babies need to be burped more because they tend to trap more air while feeding more than breastfed babies.

When to burp your baby?

Following your baby’s cues for burping is the best time. Only burp your baby if it’s needed. If your baby is being breastfed pat her back when there is a switch in breasts. If your baby is being bottle-fed, the decision as to how often you should burp your baby depends on the bottle you are using.

If the bottle is non-vented it causes more air to build up. It is usually advised to make sure that the teat of the bottle is the right size for your baby’s mouth to prevent the milk from spilling out. But it is critical that the baby is burped after her feeding. You can also burp her when she is cranky before or after sleeping or when you can sense her discomfort.

How to burp your baby?

There are many ways to burp your baby. You can stick to one way or switch between different ways to suit your baby’s needs.

baby burping

Over your shoulder: Hold your baby over your shoulder in a semi-upright position and put his/her chin on your shoulder. Support his/her from one hand and rub his/her back with the other. Ensure that your baby’s head doesn’t loll.

Near your chest: Hold your baby close to your chest in a semi-upright position similar to holding your baby over your shoulder. It might be more comfortable if you are sitting.

Sitting position: Make your baby sit on your lap facing away from you and gently pat her back till she burps.

Facedown: Make your baby lie face down across your knees on your thighs and support your baby’s chin and head and rub your baby’s back gently.

Walk: Hold your baby in an upright position and ensure her head is secured; you can pat her back while taking a walk. The motion may help in releasing additional air bubbles.

Place an old cloth or towel while burping your baby.

Place an old cloth or towel while burping your baby. While burping you can sing or talk to your baby. If your baby hasn’t burped over a few minutes it indicates that she doesn’t need to. Burping a sleeping baby is also similar; you’ll just have to move a bit slower.

It’s preferable to hold your baby in a slightly upright position. If any of the burping techniques do not work and your baby is still fussy then you can try giving them a warm bath or massage them to soothe them.

Why is it necessary?

Burping is necessary to relieve your baby from discomfort bubbling due to air trapped inside. It is important in many ways:

1. Due to the gas trapped inside your baby might experience discomfort and get cranky or fussy and cry more than usual It’s important to relieve her from the air bubbles.

2. Some babies have colic and cry excessively, one of the major reasons could be excessive air trapped inside. The best way to deal with it is by preventing it. That is why it is necessary to burp your baby after feeding to release the air out and prevent your baby from breaking into bouts of shrill cries.

3. Some of the babies also find it difficult to sleep and experience uneasiness. They wake up in the middle of the night and their sleep is disrupted. The reason behind this can be if your baby hasn’t been properly burped after her last feed.

4. Your diet might cause discomfort to your baby. If you are breastfeeding and your baby has intolerance towards some food items that entails your diet then more gas might pass than the usual.

5. If your baby is being bottle-fed, then there might be high chances that teat of the mouth of the bottle wouldn’t be the perfect size for your baby leading to more air infusion.

6. After preparing the formula milk, shaking it vigorously can lead to a lot of air trapping inside. Let the bottle sit for a while before giving it to your baby.

7. If your baby is suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or is gassy, burping helps in putting him out of his misery.

Burping once a while is important for your baby especially if he remains fussy all the time. All the babies need to be burped till they complete anywhere between 6-9 months, by observing you’ll know when to stop burping your baby. Still, if your baby isn’t doing well you can always contact your pediatrician for health tips.

baby burping

How do you make your baby burp and why?

When to burp your baby?

How to burp your baby?

Over your shoulder

Sitting position

Why is it necessary?


Make your baby lie face down across your knees

Burping is necessary to relieve your baby from discomfort bubbling due to air trapped inside


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