How can you teach your teen about smart and effective shopping?

How can you teach your teen about smart and effective shopping?

The advertising market is growing rapidly, and their main targets tend to be the youth from all around the world. There may be so many occasions where your child get influenced and strongly desires to buy a particular product that they may or may not really need.

Your worries here are valid. But you do not have to just say an unreasonable NO to your child. Instead, what it would be suggested is to teach your teen how to spend that money and shop in the smartest manner possible plus doing some savings. Now, this may involve a certain step. Let’s look through:

Get them for shopping with you: Teenagers often do not like to accompany parents everywhere they go, but it’s still necessary for them to come shopping with you for a certain period of time. When you get them along with you, they would be able to know the details you concentrate about when shopping. Practical knowledge is always better than just saying them the do’s and don’ts.

Prepare to-do list: Whenever you shop, its an amazing idea to write in advance what all to shop and what all would be needed. This would save your time in the store as you know exactly what you want plus there will be mere chances of you missing out on buying something that is required. Sit along with your child and prepare the list with his involvement.

teen Compare Prices

Compare Prices:

Now, this is very important when you go for shopping especially grocery shopping. There will be products that are exactly the same, but the brand name contributes to the differentiating prices. Your children need to know this and let them make a choice regarding the product with the right price and right quality. The cheapest or the costliest stuff need not be the one for you. Let your child know this.

Read labels and understand the product: Another crucial point to be a smart buyer could be never overlooking the label or product information. Get your child to read and explain to them what it means. Every time they shop with you, let them do all these things with you. Ask them the expiry date or best before? The ingredients? If its apparel, ask for the material or fabric? Washing methods? And so on. This is just a step closer to your child being aware of all such tiny details.

Go shopping for assets or high-end products together: When you buy a new refrigerator or shop jewelry, a new LED television or whatever it may be, make sure that your child is also there. They feel they don’t need to come with you now, but the sooner they learn things the better it will be.

Give them a chance to compare the features, specifications, warranty, add ons, special discounts/offers, different available colours and rest between different models or brands. Because it’s research and lots of gathered information when we buy a high-end product. Your child needs to know that its more of an investment.

Fill them with information: Talk to your child about planning the purchase in advance and the available price. Tell them about the manufacturing place and its importance and all the governing laws and how that affects the price and/or quality. The tax that may be added and simple tricks and tips like the larger packs would be cheaper than the total of a couple of smaller pack of the same product. Let them know and also see you when you are doing the purchase.


Allow them to act:

Give your teens a chance to shop and spend on their own. When you give them pocket money, let them be fully responsible for their purchases and do not blow them for bringing in something not worth. When they know that the money is owed by him/her, they would decide how much to spend and how much to save. Your teen will even know that planning the spend, is important because if the amount is exhausted they will have nothing left in their pockets.

teen shopping

Just remember, they are learning and it’s better to have trials with smaller amounts than larger ones in the initial stages. Also, let them know that being polite and kind to the salesperson, guide or counter person is important because respect is always a two-sided effort. And mostly, they will learn this while they start to imitate you in your absence and recollect your footsteps. So, imbibe all good qualities in your child by being a role model. So happy and smart shopping hours.

1. Practice shopping with you and your child together before they learn.
2. Let them be aware of details and knowledge like price differentiation, taxes, benefits of pre-planned shopping and a shopping list.
3. Make them prepared and let them have the responsibility for their pocket money so as to allow them to have an experience of their own.


Malathi A Ganesh is a B. Com Graduate, NTT, M.A (Lit), PGDEA (PG in Education Administration), PGDCA (PG Diploma in Computer Application), DTE (Diploma in Teaching English), ICEPT (International Certificate in Education Preschool Teaching) from Singapore and B. Ed. She has been in the field of education for the past 20 years and has an experience of running her own pre-school She is the Founder & Director Academics of Smartkidz Educare India Pvt Ltd with 275+ play schools Pan India. She is an Educationist and a Child Psychologists by profession who wants to fulfill her dream of giving Quality Education to children in their earlier years. She is also into conducting positive parenting workshops, which talks about effective child rearing. She has conducted numerous parenting workshops in all her pre schools, schools and MNC’s.

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