How can you make your child get rid of smart phone addiction?

How can you make your child get rid of smart phone addiction?

Smartphone has completely changed the way of communication these days. Millions of apps, instant messaging have taken the world in its grip. Regardless of age, people, have started valuing the wonders of the smartphone instead of valuing people around. The most affected age group is the young generation, who have already become a victim of a smartphone.

We live in a super-technological era and it’s absolutely a blessing. But as we know every coin has two sides, it is also a curse. Technology is making our living better every day, but somewhere we have become dependent on it. It is changing the way we live. And influencing the way we think and behave.

Here are some of the ways where you can keep your child away from phone addiction:

Sports club: Today’s children forget how to enjoy their precious childhood. They are more fascinated with their phones and always stay indoors. If this is the case, you need to take charge of it.

Find out in which sport he is interested in. There is n number of sports in which your child can engage in. Get your child to register their name in any of the sports clubs in the nearest area. Running and playing all the time will make your child active and healthy.

it is hard to take smartphone from your child

Time out:

While it is very difficult to take away phones from your child, discouraging them to waste time on it is a sensible option. Speak to your child and set a rule, as to what are the times where your child will stay away from phones or submit it to you. The best time for implementing these strategies is during dinner time. It will not only help your child to stay away from the phone but also will help you spend quality time with your children.

Set a good example: There are many cases where the parents themselves are occupied with cell phones, then warning their children to stay away from phones seems to be a futile practice. Children see their parents as their first role model. If parents themselves are on their phones for hours, eventually the child will also imitate their parents. It is advisable for parents, to stay away from phones and set a good example for their children. If your work permits you to use your phone, so that when your child is out for play. You would not like to be blamed for triggering that habit in your child.

Let them be aware:

Children have very delicate minds. They can be easily carried away by what they watch on their phones. Making your child realize the mental hazards, that will bring to your child will be a good result. Readout any article which gives them the information about the same. Be clear in your explanation. This will work wonders in keeping them away from them.

child using smartphone

Create passwords: This kind of technology itself is a solution for a wide range of problems. Interestingly, parents, these days are forced to make use of these technologies to check their child’s technology usage. There are several applications, where you can track your child’s phone usage. They can be in the form of alerts if your child is crossing the limit of time set by the parent. The phone will automatically shut down if he does not stop using the phone.

Family time: Spend your weekend by doing fun family activities. They love swimming, roller-skating, walking, etc. have fun being active together, this will get your children into healthy habits. Later you won’t be worried if your child is chilling on the mobile for a bit.

Free time: If you have any older children, who are in control of their smartphones, it’s better to teach them to have some time away from a smartphone.

Disable a few apps: Disable or uninstall few apps like YouTube, face book and few games in which they are interested. Set rules for your home and let the discipline stop the over usage of the phone. Get more involved in the online world of children.

How can you make your child get rid of smart phone addiction?

Here are some of the ways where you can keep your child away from phone addiction

Sports club

Time out

Children have very delicate minds

Today’s children forget how to enjoy their precious childhood


Malathi A Ganesh is a B. Com Graduate, NTT, M.A (Lit), PGDEA (PG in Education Administration), PGDCA (PG Diploma in Computer Application), DTE (Diploma in Teaching English), ICEPT (International Certificate in Education Preschool Teaching) from Singapore and B. Ed. She has been in the field of education for the past 20 years and has an experience of running her own pre-school She is the Founder & Director Academics of Smartkidz Educare India Pvt Ltd with 275+ play schools Pan India. She is an Educationist and a Child Psychologists by profession who wants to fulfill her dream of giving Quality Education to children in their earlier years. She is also into conducting positive parenting workshops, which talks about effective child rearing. She has conducted numerous parenting workshops in all her pre schools, schools and MNC’s.

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