How can you help make you pre-schooler write his name?

How can you help make you pre-schooler write his name?

A child learns to pronounce and spell his name even before going to school. A pre-schooler learns to pronounce a few words, identify a few objects and also develop in various other aspects while interacting with his parents. Parents play a huge role in a child’s preschool activities. One of the main tasks for a parent is to teach their child to write his name.

There are a few suggestions that can make it easier for parents to teach their child to write his name is discussed below:

When your child is well versed with all the alphabets, start showing him the letters that are included in his name. Spell his name letter by letter while asking him to point out at each letter in the alphabet chart.

Ask your child to repeat his name after you, letter by letter. By this, he can learn how to spell his name. Maybe you can make a rhythmic song using letters in his name that could attract him. For example, there was a boy who loves his mommy, and his name was rocky! R-O-C-K-Y, R-O-C-K-Y, R-O-C-K-Y. Through such practice, a child learns to completely spell his name.

Write your child’s name on a paper setting an example for your child. Write as slowly as possible while he observes and learns. Also, make sure you say aloud each letter while writing, which will help him to remember the pronunciation for each letter. Be patient, and observe your child, recognize them and spell each letter after you write. If he does any mistake, make sure you write it again and monitor him spell it correctly.

Place a magazine in front of your child and ask him to hunt for letters in his name. While he recognizes each letter, cut it out. After the task is complete, help your child to paste all the letters on a piece of paper in the order of his name. They will have fun making spelling and it will give them some practice.

After recognizing the letters and learning to spell the name, it’s time for the child to write. For this, the child has to learn to hold any writing object and write (usually scribbles in the start). This can develop a child’s fine motor skills. Make hand-writing as a secondary aim as you teach your child to write his name.

Take a light-colored marker and write your child’s name on a paper while he observes. Then, give him any dark-colored pen and ask him to trace on the letters that you wrote. When he is tracing the letters make sure he spells out each letter. Begin with writing huge letters making it easy for the child. Repeat this activity until you are sure that the child actually learned to spell and write his name.

You can now let him try to write his name on his own on a white sheet of paper. Later, write in small font and ask your child to trace. Your child can find this task a little tough to make him practice it. This time make him practice on a ruled book so the letters are in the same size; this can improve his hand-writing too.

child learns to pronounce
child practicing

When he actually learns to spell and write his name in different sizes, try doing various activities using the letters in his name. Like, he can use crayons to write his name on charts, use a plate full of salt and ask him to trace his name in it, he can make his name using clay or cooked spaghetti. The more your child practices, the better he will get at writing his name. As a part of encouragement give your child a few rewards while you observe him progressing.

How can you help make you pre-schooler write his name

How does the child learn to pronounce and spell his name?

Ask your child to repeat his name after you, letter by letter

Write your child’s name on a paper setting an example for your child


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