How can teens have fun and stay safe in parties?

How can teens have fun and stay safe in parties?

As a teen there would be growing social interactions and attending parties could be one way of it. There might be times you go to parties because of peer pressure and to be called cool and no boring in that place. You will not always be with your parents and not having them around, taking care of yourself and making the right choice is now your responsibility.

Being safe is important to have complete fun or else you would just land up in some sort of danger and there is no fun in that. So, here parents have to be more a friend to your child than a parent actually. By doing this the child will confide in the parent to tell about his where-about time to time

Tips for teens to stay safe:

Safety at the Party: There are a few rules for you to follow when you are in a party setting and have more people you do not know or say a majority of them are mutual friends.
• Do not stay alone with someone you do not know or walk away with them, be it for any reason.
• Avoid consuming alcohol or drugs to keep your senses alive and feet firm to the ground.
• Do not be in the company of a person who is drinking all the time or is into doing drugs.
• Never get into a car with an unknown or a person, not in his senses.
• And most important, tell your parents about the venue, your company, and the party timings and the address of your friend if you are planning to sleep over.

Learn to say ‘NO’ to alcohol, drugs or cigarettes:

There may be occasions where you might be offered things not appropriate for you, not knowing what to do or should you say a ‘no’ and that’s where you exactly to have to be strong enough to say NO without getting carried away with them. Here are things that you could say to avoid the offer made to you.
• Not up for it right now.
• Not into it. Is there any soda or juice?
• No. Thanks.
• Need to get home soon.
• Getting trained for some exams. So, I better avoid it.
• Not my thing. Sorry.
• Better off without it. Thanks.

say ‘NO’ to alcohol, drugs or cigarettes

You might be worried about being tagged as “boring” but let them know they can set up their own cool by being active, fun, interactive and confident. And the best part is, you don’t need to be off your senses to be confident, being able to stand proud about yourself while sober is the new cool.

teen enjoying in the party

Things to keep in mind while going for a party:

Now there are a few other things you as a teen has to never slip off while going to a party. Being prepared well in advance is better than worrying later.
• Make sure you carry your wallet and if you are changing your wallet, you transfer the cash, cards if necessary and id proof for a safer side.
• Always have your phone fully charged and recharged. Also, if you feel your battery might go off soon until you come back home, carry a charger or power bank along with you. Do not forget the wires.

• Give your parents the entire details of your whereabouts, so that you could be easily reached for if needed.
• Always move with a group of people or someone you know well and do not stay alone.
• Stay in places with appropriate lighting and people around.
• Never use headphones as you might not be able to know what’s happening around you and land up in a problem.
• Know how to defend yourself and call the police or run to the police station near to you as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to yell, because that will let other people know that you need help.
• Decide code words. Use these code words on the phone when needed so that your family may know that you cannot talk freely and need to be reached for quickly. One smart way to use code words could be- When you are safe to say you are in danger and when you are in danger say you are safe. In this way, only you and your parents would be able to get it.

And of all, walk confidently and ignore anyone who doesn’t seem right to you. As a parent, you can help your teen to stay safe, but when in the situation it depends on how well they are able to react and keep themselves out of all the bad company. Do not forget to call them up and keep checking on your teen. Stay safe. Stay alert.

1. Always have the details of where and with whom you are going and check with necessities like cash, cell phone, and transport for better safety.
2. Always avoid inappropriate habits and stay cautious.
3. Use codes, safety measures and stay confident.

Tips for teens to stay safe

Safety at the Party

Learn to say ‘NO’ to alcohol, drugs or cigarettes

Things to keep in mind while going for a party

As a teen there would be growing social interactions and attending parties could be one way of it.

Getting trained for some exams. So, I better avoid it

Give your parents the entire details of your whereabouts


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