How and when can I start bedtime routine for my child?

How and when can I start bedtime routine for my child?

Good sleep is as important for your baby as it is for you.  The right amount of sleep will ensure your baby’s well – being and a healthy lifestyle. Babies who sleep early and have the right amount of sleep function properly and are not cranky often.

Each child is different and unique.  While some sleepless and some sleep a lot. Newborn babies have an erratic sleep schedule, but by the time they reach 6 months of their age most of them develop a proper routine. Helping your baby develop a sleeping routine at an early stage, will help her later in the future.


Regardless of the age, a proper sleeping routine helps you get sufficient sleep, which in turn keeps you functioning at peak levels.  Establishing good sleeping habits will help your baby get the right amount of sleep and your baby wakes up well-rested and refreshed.

It is important to build a bedtime routine for your baby from an early age, as it helps in establishing her circadian rhythm, an inborn biological clock, which helps in distinguishing night from day. A sleeping routine helps your baby feel safe and secure, as they know what to expect, they aren’t startled or surprised.

In the first 3-4 months, your baby might wake up in the middle of the night and it’s perfectly normal. They gradually adapt to the sleep routine. A good sleep routine not only helps your baby, but also helps you to attain some much-needed sleep after a tiresome day.

Develop a Routine

Choose the right bedtime: Choose the right bedtime, to put your little one to sleep. It shouldn’t be too early or too late. Select a moderate time and put your baby to sleep at that time.

Different ways: If your baby is tired and has fallen asleep at the right time then you can sleep peacefully too. If not then try different ways to put your baby to sleep. You can rock her to sleep or sway her till she sleeps

Baby sleeping

You can try different activities like reading a book before bedtime, or playing with her for a few minutes till she gets tired and eventually sleeps. You can also sing your baby a song or a sweet lullaby. You can also hold her close to you till she falls asleep in your arms and then you can put her back in her bassinet or crib. Your touch will calm them down and they’ll sleep soundly.

Keep the room dark: Keep your room dark or dimly lighted; don’t be scared that your baby will be scared. It’s best for your baby to get into sleep mode because it releases a hormone named melatonin, which helps your baby transition to sleep easily.

Rigidity: Don’t be rigid with your baby’s routine. Try and be a bit flexible. As your baby grows, her needs change and accordingly other activities will be included in her routine too. Hence be ready to make a few tweaks in your routine, but try and be consistent.

Comfort: Make sure that your baby is comfortable before putting her to bed. Ensure that she is properly fed, her diaper has been changed and she is in comfortable clothing. You may give her a warm bath too. Make sure that the room temperature is also moderate and not too hot or too cold.

mother telling story to baby

Read or sing: You can probably read her a good story before bedtime; this also helps in brain development. You can also sing them a song or lullaby for them to get drowsy and finally fall asleep. Or you can just play some soft music and hum to your baby too.

Massage: Massage has always proven beneficial for a baby’s development. Massaging your baby before bedtime calms her down and soothes her and makes her drowsy. Some babies are soothed to sleep through a gentle massage. Additionally, it helps in creating a bond with your baby and she feels loved.

Connect: Have a talk with your baby. Even though she won’t understand your words you’ll have her undivided attention, which in turn is good, as she might try and respond too. Your voice will comfort her like a sweet lullaby and soon she’ll be dreaming.

Putting your baby to sleep is not easy; fussiness and crankiness will always be present. Sleep routines help your babies to learn, that it is time to go to bed. But here’s where a good sleep routine turns out to be a savior, it helps your baby have a comforting and relaxing sleep.

How and when can I start bedtime routine for my child?

Choose the right bedtime

Benefits of bedtime of your baby

Keep the room dark

Read or sing



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