Name a few sleep mistakes parents make with their baby and how to avoid them?

Name a few sleep mistakes parents make with their baby and how to avoid  them?

Sleep is very important for every individual. And a good sleep without any disturbances or interruptions keeps you happy, satisfied and refreshed. And the same goes for babies too. Newborn babies get cranky and fussy very easily if they don’t get their complete sleep time.

They sleep for hours at a stretch and it’s your duty to make sure your baby gets a peaceful sleep. Getting good sleep helps your baby stay fresh and alert, instead of being irritated. If babies don’t get good sleep, they cry incessantly and stay fussy all the time. Good sleeping habits play a vital role in a baby’s sound sleep.

A good sleep

There are many ways to ensure that your baby gets the right amount of sleep. The practice of good sleeping habits is the first step towards it. Developing a sleep pattern or routine helps your baby to expect, what is coming in her way and she’ll be ready accordingly. It helps your baby in the future too.

Make sure that your baby sleeps in a bassinet or crib till he reaches 12 months of his age. Ensure that the room is dimly lighted or the room is dark and the temperature is moderate not too hot or not too cold. You can sing her a song or a lullaby or also play some soft music. This will fill the room with tranquility.

A good massage before your baby’s bedtime is also considered ideal. You can also read bedtime stories to them. If your baby is not falling asleep you can hold them close to you or even rock them to sleep, your presence has a calming and soothing effect on babies.

Be ready: Parents tend to expect that in the initial months, babies tend to sleep throughout the night without waking up in between. They tend to worry when their child wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night.

And this being the common mistake, they should be patient and ready for anything as it is perfectly normal for your child to wake up in the middle of the night. You should be prepared for it.

Bedtime: Putting your baby to bed too late just because you want to play with them or spend more time with them or because you were busy is not fair. To establish good sleeping habits and patterns and to set up a routine is very important to put your baby to sleep early in the night

baby sleeping

Bedtime routine: The smallest parts of your baby’s bedtime routine like a massage or a bath carry a lot of importance. Sometimes you might be busy, tired or lazy to follow up with these tiny activities and break the routine.

But no matter what, you shouldn’t do that. Be consistent with your routine, it helps your baby sleep and the routine helps them feel comfortable as they know what to expect.

Proper arrangements: Sometimes parents tend to overlook the proper arrangements to be made for your baby to sleep. The surface might be hard, your baby might not be dressed comfortably or the lighting of the room or different noises.

Ensure that the room is dimly lit or dark and there is only white noise present. Temperature should be moderate and dress your baby in something comfortable. Make sure you change their diaper before putting them to bed.

Fall asleep on their own: As much as your baby loves your presence and you love to hold them, you need to allow them to sleep on their own and not rock them to sleep always. They need to make a habit of sleeping on their own. They might wake up in the middle of the night and cry inconsolably, but wait for some time before picking them up. Their wailing turns into soft whimpers and they fall asleep on their own.

Sleep: Co-sleeping with your baby is not advisable. It’s highly advised to put your baby to sleep in a crib or bassinet till they reach 12 months of their age. Like you need your space babies require their own space too. Don’t let your baby sleep in a car seat for too long as it may lead to back problems.

baby sleeping

Be alert: Sometimes we tend to ignore the signs of sleepiness shown by babies. They might rub their eyes, wail or seem irritated and fussy. Don’t ignore such signs. Notice your baby’s signs and put them to bed and relieve them of their misery.

Napping: Parents tend to think that naps might prevent their babies from having a long sleep at night or sleeping early or is the reason behind them waking up in the middle of the night. And this is another mistake, which gets added into their bucket. Naps need to be limited, but are very important for your baby and keep your baby fresh.

Overstimulation: Prevent over stimulating your baby before putting them to sleep. Hanging toys or excessive playing can cause distractions and because of this babies tend to sleep less is awake for a longer period of time.

Mistakes are very common for parents and if rectified sooner will not create a problem in your baby’s development. You just need to be patient and deal with the situations accordingly.

Name a few sleep mistakes parents make with their baby and how to avoid them?

Sleep is very important for every individual


Proper arrangements

Fall asleep on their own



Prevent over stimulating your baby before putting them to sleep

Co-sleeping with your baby is not advisable

A good massage before your baby’s bedtime is also considered ideal.


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