How can you handle tricky conversations with your teens?

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Having a conversation with teenagers can sometimes be very difficult. They no longer just listen to what you say but want answers regarding everything. You might not be comfortable in talking about everything with your child.

What are the changes in the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development from childhood to adulthood?

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Adolescence marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. It consists of many stages and involves social, emotional, cognitive, mental and physical development.

How do you handle the over confidence of your teens?

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Almost all the teenagers go through a phase when they are brimming with over confidence. They tend to have an “I know everything” attitude. They also think that they are indestructible and can achieve anything in the world without doing much.

How do you manage teen’s sibling conflict?

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In case you have more than one child in your home avoiding sibling fights is inevitable. For the tiniest of problems, you’ll find them squabbling. It’s normal for all the siblings to fight at this age.

How to check on the wellbeing and happiness of your teenager?

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Wellbeing and happiness are two different concepts. Happiness is just a mood or a state of mind. One can never be happy all the time and happiness is just a part of your teen’s wellbeing.

How to encourage your teen’s good behaviour?

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Teenagers go through many hormonal changes which cause them to be moody, aggressive and behave unpredictably.

How to handle and support independence in the teens?

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The term “independence” is scary for parents because they have the tendency to protect their children from any harm. Many parents are reluctant to let go of some control over their teens because they worry about the well-being of their teenager.

How can I manage my child’s examination fear?

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A child’s academic journey is marked with examinations, they can sometimes act as a hurdle that causes more stress than the other aspects of schooling. Exams have become very important in this competitive world, where proving yourself time and again is vital.

What are the different topics of discussions you need to have with your teen before college?

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Dreams are fulfilled, goals are achieved, and the hard work of your child has finally paid off. They are no longer a small child anymore, in fact, they are soon going to join college. Deciding upon which college to join among numerous options can be a daunting and confusing task.

How can you teach your child to be responsible for his behaviour?

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Your child means the world to you and loves them without any expectations. And more often you tend to ignore their mistakes. Sometimes this can lead to a lack of responsibility in them. You might expect your teen to take responsibility as she grows but sometimes it doesn’t work like that.

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