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What are the benefits of drinking cumin (jeera) water during pregnancy?

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Cumin or jeera is one of the most common spices found in the country, which is known to have numerous benefits. Jeera is not only a flavouring agent but also used for medicinal purposes.

What is the best diet for a pregnant woman during the first trimester?

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If you are exhibiting early signs of pregnancy and just found out that you are pregnant, welcome to the first trimester! You are most likely to experience breast pain, morning sickness, fatigue and indigestion.

What are the ill effects of eating junk food during pregnancy?

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From pickles to ice creams, from something spicy to something sweet women have crazy food cravings during their pregnancy. Pregnant women are known to eat peculiar food items at peculiar timings.

What are the causes, precautions & remedies for a round ligament pain in a pregnant woman?

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Pain in the abdomen is routine during pregnancy, it is often because of the stretching of round ligaments. Round ligament pain refers to cramps caused by stretching of the ligaments that proceed from the front of the uterus.

How to Get Pregnant with Twins? Things to know

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Twins are a very intriguing pair. Whether fraternal or maternal, there’s not a single dull moment at home when you have not one but two kids of the same age chasing each other. Theirs is something very fascinating about the way they behave around each other.

What are the 10 skin care practices to avoid during pregnancy?

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Taking care of yourself is very important on any given day but especially when you’re expecting. So many changes take place in your body, mood, lifestyle, and behaviour. Sometimes you just want to take a step further and pamper yourself.

What are the foods that can cause miscarriage?

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Miscarriage is almost every pregnant women’s greatest fear. Losing a child before birth not only is a huge loss but also impacts the mental health of the person. Pregnancy is a very sensitive period where people lead a very cautious lifestyle.

What precautionary measures should I take if I have piles during pregnancy?

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Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are situated in the anal area. Inflating of piles leads to itching, pains, and general discomfort. They usually go away on their own but can be painful while present.

Is music good for pregnant women? When should a pregnant woman start using it?

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Your baby can feel everything you feel. And from the seventh month onwards your baby can hear and respond to sounds from your womb. So, if you're listening to music or someone is talking then your baby is more likely to hear all of it. A healthy pregnancy is a key to ensure your baby's well-being after birth as well.

How to understand the fetal development week by week with pictures?

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In the first week of your pregnancy, you do not feel pregnant. As confusing as it sounds it's true. Your Doctor will be able to track the changes in pregnancy month-wise and due date from the first day of your last period. Presently your womb is getting ready.

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