What are the best foods to be taken during pregnancy to have a fair child?

What are the best foods to be taken during pregnancy to have a fair child?

Diet and lifestyle play an important role in the development of the fetus. It is seen that the consumption of some of the foods makes the baby fair. Therefore, women and their partner should know, what are the foods to eat during pregnancy for a fair baby.

Although the color of the baby will hugely depend on the skin color of his mom and dad, there are few foods that we believe can influence the skin color of the baby or certainly improve it. Baby development and their fairness depend on a healthy diet and lifestyle. So, let’s see some simple diet you need to follow in getting a fair skinned baby.



Drinking Saffron milk helps in improving the color of a baby. In a glass of hot milk, add 5 to 6 strands of saffron and mix it nicely. You may add little sugar to it. Make sure that you are using the original saffron as there are some fake saffron’s available in the market which smells the same as the original. Now drink this once a day. You may have this before you go to sleep. Saffron has properties known to purify the blood and is an excellent beauty product as well.


Eating coconut during pregnancy can help the baby color too. Therefore, it is advised to have two medium sized fresh coconut pieces daily.


White food items are believed to help the baby color. Milk is anyway recommended during pregnancy, so make sure you’ll have lukewarm milk daily.


Do not have eggs, if you are allergic to them. Also, never opt for raw eggs. Have properly cooked eggs. Preferably have them boiled. If you do not like the taste you can have scrambled eggs too.


We all hear it from our ancestors, about the benefits of having ghee during pregnancy. However, most of the would-be mothers avoid taking ghee with a fear of getting fat. You should be having at least 2 tablespoons of ghee to meet the fat requirement. Ghee is also known to help purify the blood and make the baby’s skin color fairer.


We all know that oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C and highly recommended during pregnancy. Apart from its high nutritional value, oranges are known for their skin fair properties too and are widely used in skincare cosmetics. Eating an orange daily can get a fair-skinned baby.


Not everyone can have pineapple while expecting, as moms have a sudden aversion to it, during pregnancy. If you can have a bowl full of sliced pineapples as your evening snacks, it would be better. Not only will you avoid unnecessary calories intake during snack time, but also this fruit can enhance the baby’s skin color


Fennel seeds are known for having skin whitening properties. You can either have a small spoon after your meal or you can boil them in water and let it cool down and then eat. The fennel seeds are excellent coolant and will have soothing effects, apart from helping the baby’s skin color.


Vanshlochan powder is easily available at any herbal drug stores. This powder, as the name suggests, is considered safe to be taken during pregnancy. Not only this, it avoids miscarriage. You can have this powder before going to bed, but do not take it for more than 3 months. You may want to check with your gynecologist before taking any sort of herbal medicines during pregnancy.



Grapes are loaded with AHA, which is Alpha Hydroxyl Acids and is known to be beneficial for skin whitening properties. You may have a small glass of this once or twice a day. This will not only help the baby’s skin color but also help in body cramps or swelling in your body during pregnancy.


Any food with vitamin C and iron content would help to improve the skin color of the baby. Our Indian gooseberry is one such fruit that you can take without any risk. You can have one of the fruit each day before breakfast.



Any diet rich in omega-3 is recommended, which means flaxseeds, walnut, spinach, beans, etc. omega-3 is known for its skin benefitting properties and having these while expecting, will not only help moms skin texture, but the baby’s too. Always remember that the baby is eating what the mother is.



Folic acid is one such supplement that you can start taking, once you are trying to conceive. Have prenatal supplements advised by a doctor and inform if you are deficient of any vitamins. Normally iron and vitamin B12 would be advised by your doctor, which you will be taking. This will help in the baby’s normal growth and will also have good blood circulation, which in turn will help in good skin.


Simple diet during pregnancy to get a fair child:

• Saffron milk
• Coconut
• Fruit like grapes pineapple and oranges
• Ghee
• Saunf or fennel seeds
• Amla murabba
• Vanshlochan powder











Folic acid is one such supplement that you can start taking, once you are trying to conceive

Any diet rich in omega-3 is recommended, which means flaxseeds, walnut, spinach, beans, etc.

Grapes are loaded with AHA, which is Alpha Hydroxyl Acids


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