Give a few tips to help clean your baby’s eyes, ears, nose, and nails?

Give a few tips to help clean your baby’s eyes, ears,  nose, and nails?

The importance of cleanliness in our life cannot be ignored. It is vital. The key to staying healthy lies in a clean environment. Self- cleanliness is as important as keeping your surroundings clean.

Babies can’t keep themselves clean; rather they always end up making a mess of themselves. It is the duty of a parent or the caregiver to ensure that their baby is clean. It prevents future diseases and infections. Apart from keeping your baby clean, it is essential that anything he comes in contact with is also clean. For example, babies tend to put toys in their mouth and if they are dirty, your baby might get ill.


Keeping your baby clean as well as their surroundings is very important as it combats any future diseases and keeps your baby healthy.

• The best way to keep your baby clean is by giving him a proper bath. Infants can be given bath 1 or 2 times every day depending on your baby. As they might be at risk of catching a cold. If your child catches a cold faster, then give him once a day.

• Their immunity is still developing and giving them frequent baths may cause them more harm than good. But as they grow up bathing once a day is more than sufficient. A proper bath results in the cleanliness of your baby. It’s important to wash or wipe their genitalia and diaper area properly to prevent unnecessary burns and rashes. It also gets rid of infections.

• In the first two weeks of birth, you can only give them a sponge bath to keep them clean. A sponge bath will keep them completely clean, as you wipe down with a soft wet cloth.

• The baby’s clothes need to be washed daily with water and an anti-bacterial agent like Dettol and mild detergent. It’s preferable to dry them indoors to prevent them from getting contaminated with dust. They should be stored in a
clean and dry place. Your baby might dirty himself frequently and hence might need a change 3-4 times a day.

wearing diaper for baby

• Make sure that you sterilize the feeding bottles and keep multiple bottles at home for feeding and not use the same one, again and again. Clean his favorite toys and sterilize his pacifiers too.

• Most importantly make sure you are clean. Wash your hands properly before handling your baby’s accessories or feeding her.

What to do and what not to do?

Ensuring your baby’s cleanliness is not an easy task. Especially keeping their eyes, nose, ears, and nails clean requires precision. They are very sensitive and have to be cleaned with the utmost care.

cleaning eyes for baby

EYES: Gently clean their eyes. You’ll be cleaning their eyebrows, eyelids and the area surrounding your little one’s eyes. Make sure you don’t poke them in their eyeballs. Use a spongy wet cloth or cotton balls to clean their eyes. Use only water and avoid any kind of soap even the ones which are “tear- free” as it may irritate your baby’s eyes. Do not apply force instead, clean it with a gentle sweep. Use a fresh cotton ball or a washed muslin cloth for each of his eyes.

NOSE: Your newborn’s nasal passage is very narrow and if it is filled with mucus and dirt, it can result in a stuffy nose and create problems in breathing. Clearing out their nose can reduce the risk of infections. You can use the end of a wet soft cloth to clean the inside of his nose.

cleaning baby nose

Make sure you are gentle, as you might risk damaging the lining of the nose. A blocked nose can hamper their sleep and make them irritated. If your baby has a blocked nose or congestion, consult your doctor before using nasal drops to clear out the congestion. You can also use a bulb syringe to suck out the mucus.

EARS: Ears require a bit more care while cleaning because they are much more delicate. Use a muslin cloth, make sure you wring it properly or water can enter your little ones’ ears. Clean the outer surface of the ear gently, but don’t put the cloth inside your baby’s ear.

It is advised not to put anything in your baby’s ears, as it may lead to a ruptured eardrum or might push the wax further inside. If your baby’s ear is filled with earwax, then use wax drops specifically made for babies after consulting your pediatrician. Refrain from using earbuds.

NAILS: Babies tend to suck on their fingers and put them in their mouth very often. Hence it becomes very necessary to keep them clean. Their nails grow rather quickly, which results in the dirt getting trapped easily. Additionally, if they grow longer they might scratch themselves and get hurt. You can file their nails or clip them using a nail scissor specifically made for babies. Be careful not to cut into their skin.

Initially, it might be overwhelming for you and at each step, you might be wondering, if you are doing it right or not. Just go with your instincts and be gentle, everything will be fine. Make sure you are clean, before ensuring your baby’s cleanliness.

Give a few tips to help clean your baby’s eyes, ears, nose, and nails?


What to do and what not to do?





The importance of cleanliness in our life cannot be ignored

The best way to keep your baby clean is by giving him a proper bath

Gently clean their eyes


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