What are the 5 possible home remedies for increasing the breast milk for your baby?

What are the 5 possible home remedies for increasing the breast milk for your baby?

It is suggested to give only breast milk to your baby for the first six months. Breast milk is the best for your baby, in addition to providing the required nutrients to your baby. It also protects your baby from various diseases. It contains disease-fighting substances that impart immunity to your baby.

Breastfeeding provides your child with a thick and yellowish fluid called colostrum, which has been considered extremely beneficial and nutritional for babies. It has been recommended by medical professionals to breastfeed your baby till he attains 6 months of age (minimum) and then solid food can be consumed along with it.


It produces colostrum, which provides your child with the ideal set of nutrients required by him. In the initial months, various diseases can easily affect your baby. Breast milk produces antibodies, which provide your baby with immunity. It also promotes healthy weight gain. Breastfeeding not only helps your baby but helps you in many ways too.

Due to pregnancy, your uterus expands and oxytocin helps in the contraction of the uterus. Breastfeeding increases the level of oxytocin released and hence helps your uterus to contract at a faster pace. It also helps in weight loss post-pregnancy.

Mothers who breastfeed have lower levels of depression. They feel closer to their baby and it calms them down. It helps in securing a bond with your baby and your baby feels soothed, because of your presence and touch. It helps in strengthening your bond with your baby. Breastfeeding also lowers the risk of breast cancer and many other diseases. Thus breastfeeding is beneficial both for your baby as well as you.

Reasons for Low supply

Sometimes you might not produce enough breast milk for your baby and there could be many reasons behind it. Certain kinds of medications can affect your supply of milk. Another reason might be if you are not breastfeeding your baby regularly or if you started late.

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If you had previous breast surgery, it might affect the supply of milk produced too. If you suffer from medical conditions like diabetes, obesity or any other health reasons, it also leads to a low supply of milk. It also happens, if you delivered a premature or preterm baby.


There are many ways by which you can increase the milk supply and some of them are:

Breastfeed more often: Breastfeed your baby more often and don’t let there be any gaps in between. Let your baby decide how much he wants to feed and stop on his own. Have your baby feed on both the breast and not one alone. This stimulation can help increase your breast milk production. The more you breastfeed, the more milk is produced and maintains your milk production.

Other herbs, food items: You may opt for some herbs to boost your milk supply. Fennel seeds and Fenugreek seeds are the best herbs for breastfeeding mothers, as it increases the level of estrogen in your body that helps in producing more milk. Ginger and garlic also help in enhancing your milk supply. Some of the other herbs are anise, alfalfa, spirulina, cumin seeds, thistle, etc.

Pump: After breastfeeding, pumping helps in releasing more milk and as it empties your body tends to produce more milk. Pumping between feedings can also help in milk production.

Adequate rest: Make sure you get adequate rest and enough amount of sleep. Breastfeeding can be physically straining. Your body needs rest to recover and produce milk. Stress is not good for you, it can result in low production of milk. You need to find more ways to de-stress yourself.

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Diet: No matter how busy or tired you are don’t compromise on your diet. Ensure you eat a balanced diet. Make sure you take in the right amount of nutrients and stay healthy. Drink lots and lots of water and stay more hydrated. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Include food items such as cinnamon, oatmeal, dry apricots, carrots, and brewer’s yeast among other things to enhance your milk production.

Skin-to-skin: Engage in skin-to-skin contact with your baby as much as possible. It not only strengthens your bond with your baby but also releases hormones in your body, which help with the ejection and release of more milk.

Breast milk is the biggest gift, you can give your baby. If your milk supply is low, try natural and homemade remedies. Stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet and don’t stress yourself much. If still, things don’t work out you can always consult your doctor. 

What are the 5 possible home remedies for increasing breast milk for your baby?

Benefits of breast milk for your baby

Reasons for Low supply


Breastfeed more often

Breastfeed your baby

Adequate rest

Breast milk is the biggest gift, you can give your baby

Mothers who breastfeed have lower levels of depression


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